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We went to Yang Shuo ( a city in Guangxi provience )in July ,2013


In order to enrich employees' cultural life, enhance the communication between each others, We organize a travel every year.

The Tamous Lijiang River

We went to Sanya ( Hainan province, the southern end province of China )

Alite Teams

2015 New Year Party

•The party was hold on 6th Feb. At that day, We Summarized the important things in the past year, affirmed the success we made, rewarded  the relevant persons, watched different kinds of shows. We enjoyed ourselves at the Party.

Excellent Employee and Managements

Song 《 Droma 》 No.1

Dance《Small Apple 》 Runner-Up

The tea Party  ( One time in every three months)

Thanks for the hard-working in Alite.



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