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ALITE is among the industry's leading manufacturers of quality LED lighting catering to the wholesale distribution market internationally. Our factory is located in Shenzhen ,China.

ALITE offers a full line of UL CUL DLC products which consists of exceptional, reliable, user friendly recessed lighting products and service for clients.

The new series of Linear LED high bay is designed to replace traditional HID (high intensity discharge) lighting. Our 80W LED linear warehouse light can replace traditional 200W HID; a 100W LED warehouse light can replace 300W HID;a 150W LED warehouse light can replace 400W HID; a 200W LED high bay can replace 500W HID. The 400W LED high bay can replace 1000W HID. It is engineered especially for warehouses with high racks. The luminious lighting pattern is rectangular, which is designed with the shape of aisles in mind to reduce wasted lumens on the top and upper portions of the racks.

Quality: The LED high bay adopts the most advanced LM-80/TM-21 certified Philips LED chips as light sources and UL listed Inventronics drivers as the power supply. With innovative optics and a thermally efficient design, the fixture efficacy is 140 lm/W. It supplies the ideal beam angle for the application.

Energy savings: Combined with dimmability options such as 1-10V DALI system and sensors, The Linear LED high bay will help you save up to 80% on energy consumption.

Broad options: The Linear LED high bay is now available in 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W,250W,280W and 80W x2, 100W x2, 150W x2, 200W x2, 250W x2, 280W x2versions, suitable for installation at 8-16m height.

Widely applicable: Multiple installations optional, suitable for various applications like warehouses, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, big box stores, grocery stores, malls, exhibition centers and arenas/stadiums. 90-305Vac, 249-548Vac optional

We’ll be privileged to welcome you among our valued customers who are the driving force for us to work harder and find new ways to constantly improve our service to you.

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