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To further enhance the Alite co., Ltd. 's Customer service levels and improve the internal management processes, recent Alite co., Ltd. Specifically to do a project on customer satisfaction surveys. Survey mainly look at several aspects: 1 . Quality . 2 delivery. 3 . The product structure and performance. 4 complaint handling capabilities. 5 The company staff service levels. Customers can target these items corresponding column gives 10 - 100 scores , and can be expressed in the comments field inside their recommendations accordingly .
Through this survey , more than 90% of the customers are given a relatively fair answer , for Alite co., Ltd. Is also a great encouragement , while the problems for themselves also made a deep reflection and improvement . Currently Alite co., Ltd. Ongoing relevant ISO process optimization , and the division of labor between various departments will be further refined , are designed not only to provide customers with high quality products, while providing customer satisfaction. This is Alite co., Ltd. Established practice .
During this time , Alite co., Ltd. Will continually receive large quantities of LED Tube lights,LED Bulbs lighting,LED Spotlightlighting,Led panel lightsand other lighting product orders , suddenly let Alite co., Ltd. 's production staff overwhelmed , in order to achieve timely and efficient delivery of customers , business people , managers battle together into the production of this scene in full swing , we work together , overtime and from the production line and production line workers into a fiery production being .
Through questionnaires , through concrete actions , Alite co., Ltd. In improving customer satisfaction and service levels constantly doing efforts, I believe there is such a good team , you worry about it ?

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